Zdravstvuite! We’ve Made It!

We’re here and doing great!

Twenty-two hours post departure from Northwest Arkansas, we had finally arrived to the capital of Ukraine, known as Kiev. We got off to a great start the Friday morning of our 10:30 AM departure as there was an enthusiastic ring to our doorbell at 6:50. It was my father excitedly arriving an hour and 15 minutes early to get us to the airport on time. He’s an awesome guy and always punctual! Thanks and we love you so much dad! We had a long 5 hr layover in Chicago, an 8 hr flight to Munich, a 3 hr layover there, and then we were off to Roman’s homeland.  Crawford slept great on the plane while Dustin and I maybe got an hour and a half total of rejuvenating sleep.  All for a good cause I assure you, but we were tired nonetheless. Here are some pictures of our journey below. My favorite is the behind shot of Dustin and Crawford with his beloved stuffed dragon, Snickers, in tow.ImageImageImage

Here’s one of the many smoking lounges in the Munich airport.


Our delicious fare on the plane to Kiev.


It was great to finally meet our wonderful facilitator, Olga, who we’ve been corresponding with over email for the last year. She has done so many great things for us, so hugs were abound at the airport when we first saw her! She and her husband, Alex, along with our trusty van driver, Leor, welcomed us and drove us to the store to purchase groceries before getting us to our downtown apartment. Here are some pictures of where we’re staying:.

Living/sleeping area


Kitchen and Bathroom

IMG_2539 IMG_2541

Arriving here is definite cause for celebration!! What better way to do that than a little vino!


Dustin and I could have both fallen asleep instantly when we all tried to hit the hay around 8:00 last night, but the Crawman was ready to play! He really made good effort, but bless his heart, he was much better rested than the two of us and just couldn’t do it. Dustin and I took rotations staying up with him until we were all able to go to bed without interruption. Needless to say this family had a record sleep-in time of 12:00. We all feel great now, and I think tonight looks a little more promising.

Alex and Olga stopped by this afternoon to discuss details of our trip and to discuss our big day tomorrow. We also got some Russian language tutoring from Olga. We learned a few go-to phrases and basic words yes and no. Apparently, the formal word for “hello” in Russian is “zdravstvuite”.  Do not kid yourself and even try to pronounce it.  It’s as Olga puts it, “impossible”.

So, tomorrow we have our appointment with the Ministry at 10:30 in the morning. It’s an important meeting and if all goes well, we should get a referral to Roman’s orphanage on Tuesday afternoon and hope to see him by Wednesday! We’d appreciate any prayers and/or positive thoughts you’d like to send our way!

We hope to have good news for you in our next post!


3 thoughts on “Zdravstvuite! We’ve Made It!

  1. Marvin and I and family are praying for you often. What a beautiful way you describe this journey from the beginning. Love and hugs pouring your way from your TEAM at home:)!!

  2. Yay- I’m so so glad you all made it safe and sound! You are right don’t even try to pronounce “hi” = ) I’m beyond ecstatic for you all and can’t wait until you meet your sweet little man = )

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