10:30 = Referral!

Our appointment went well and we should have our referral tomorrow afternoon to go to Roman’s orphanage!! We did have a few scares the first few minutes of our meeting, but overall, things went great!

After a long, but beautiful walk through Kiev’s downtown to get to our 10:30 appointment, we arrived at the SDA building.  We entered a waiting area where a few other American families were also waiting for their appointments. One lady was very inquisitive, and I was hesitant to divulge too much information about the sweet boy I planned to adopt for some weird fear she might decide she wanted him too.  So, I kept my answers as vague as possible.  Probably silly of me, but like I said before, momma bear comes out when she needs to. It was time, so Olga called us up the stairs, and we proceeded behind her.  We entered a typical administrative office and nervously took our places on a couch. When you’re in a foreign country like Ukraine and truly can’t make out any of what’s being said, you are left with your inferences of body language and facial expressions. So when Olga’s face went from a cheerful smile to one of concern, Dustin and I were immediately worried and my heart began to sink deep into my chest. I’ve had many of these moments throughout this adoption experience and have become accustomed to the fluctuating emotions that come with it. Although, some how, Olga seems to always find a way! We stayed hopeful. We knew if things were really bad, she would be advocating harder, but she remained calm and quiet. After the administrator made a few phone calls, Olga turned and grinned BIG. Big sighs of relief from us followed. Then, the administrator began discussing Roman’s file with us.  She asked us if we would like to view the files of any other children?  We obviously answered, “no.” The appointment was finalized and she stated that we should receive our referral to Roman’s orphanage tomorrow afternoon! Olga later informed us that before we arrived, the SDA was ready for us with our file and Roman’s records and were ready to decline us. However, Olga was prepared with the information and documentation needed in order to proceed. We are so grateful for her reliability and amazing advocacy! THANK YOU, OLGA!

So, ladies and gents, we’re one very important step closer to meeting our little man!

For all of you visual people like myself, here are some pictures to sum up our day of great relief and celebration!


Here we are in front of the SDA building and below is us with our wonderful facilitator, Olga.


Here are some pictures during our walk in downtown Kiev.







We’ll be tuning in later with more sightseeing pics and more information about our travels to Kramatorsk! Until then, Do svidaniya!


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