Food, Sights, and then a Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo

Good Morning friends! Hope everyone is doing well in the beautiful land of the Ozarks!

Aside from our appointment, meetings with Olga and Alex, and catching up on some much needed rest, we have done some nearby exploring of sights and, of course, we were stoked to try some new foods! We wanted to share our journey with you right? Therefore, it would be a bloody crime to exclude the meals we’ve been enjoying. So, here’s our internet food buffet. Just for your salivary glands!

Cappuccino with hazelnut truffle.


Borsch and then me enjoying it with some delicious Ukrainian beer.



Stuffed pepper vegetable risotto.


Mushroom pancakes.


And this ice cream was for Crawford, but when we opened the top and discovered this, Dustin and I had to have some too!


Here are some additional sights that we saw.

This, I believe, is known as The Golden Gate and was one of the entry points into the city of Kiev built just a few years ago in 1017-1024.


I think this is the opera house.


We walked around town last night. It was so beautiful and wildly entertaining watching everyone “ice skate” along the sidewalks. Everything was covered in either wet, cold slush or straight up ice, so you’d hear this audible scooting and an occasional “ahh” from a lady about to fall. The women who really had it together on the ice, though, were the ones dressed to kill in their hosiery and stilettos. Without a single flinch, they were workin’ it.

Today’s been slow moving, and we were intentional about that because it’s gonna be a long night. Crawford did a little schoolwork and Dustin and I rested, read, and are about to start packing for our leave for Kramatorsk. We’re waiting for our referral in a few hours, and then we leave by fast train at midnight tonight!

We’d love prayers for safe travel and this might be a stretch, but ability to rest would be good too!  I’ll try to post confirming that we got our referral this afternoon. Have a great day everyone!


3 thoughts on “Food, Sights, and then a Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo

  1. Sooooo amazing you guys….the area looks absolutely beautiful even though i know ur ready to get the train rollin….literally lol. Best wishes love to all

  2. I have loved reading about your journey! Max, Harry and I all have the flu and have been stuck at home for almost a week, so I have been reading to Max about your journey and all about what Crawford is doing! Max can’t wait to meet Roman and he was so excited that Roman is 4 years old just like him! We love seeing the happy pictures of you guys. Love all three of you and I look forward to reading more!

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