Murphy Movie Night and More

Today was a wonderful day! Olga has been hard at work finalizing paperwork and determining a date for our court hearing.  So far, it’s looking like February 11th or 12th will be the big day. It’s a little later than we were anticipating, but there are just some things that are out of our control. We’ve all adapted to this way of life, but remain hopeful things will continue going smoothly as we’re quite aware that several miraculous things have already occurred this week. We’re reticent to discuss details right now, however, because we’re at a fairly vulnerable stage in the process and don’t want to take any risks.  It’s nothing that can’t wait to be unveiled anyway. 🙂 We’ll keep everyone posted on the latest as far as adoption logistics go. Here is a sweet picture of Crawford showing our facilitator how to transform a transformer. He has been a favorite at the social worker and notary offices which earns him delicious Ukrainian chocolates and candies every time. He doesn’t seem to mind this one bit!


We have been having great fun at our visits with Roman! Every time we go to pick him up from his room, he makes a dead sprint to us! This morning, Crawford insisted on all going up together, and he jumped and clapped with glee when he saw Roman. It was quite a precious sight. I love seeing his heart grow with happiness more and more upon the sight of his little brother.

We went back to the gym and played much of the time, looked at a book, and then colored. While coloring, Roman and I would take turns scribbling. It was so sweet.  He would scribble for a few seconds, stop, turn to me, and vocalize. I gladly returned his “mmmms” and smiles. We had to end our first visit early and finish a few notarizations with Olga. Crawford was sad to go, but excited about the prospect of having a “movie night”. I, on the other hand, benefit from the quality snuggle time I tend to get, so I was equally excited for this part of the day.

We returned for our second visit with some Tom and Jerry episodes, orphanage classics that we knew Roman would probably be familiar with. We started with some ninja, Kung-fu play along with lots of tickles and destroying of towers! All the fun activities of destruction little boys find so appealing. Later, we tried to simulate our living room by lining up some chairs in front of the computer. I know, I know…… terrible we must be to encourage tv watching, but there’s something sweet about quietly snuggling with your family over some comical cartoons. And my wishes of snuggling were granted when Roman leaned back and nestled his head on my chest. It didn’t last but a few minutes, but was well worth the 14-month wait! Oh, and the kid loves the camera! I see male model in his future – lol!  It’s never easy taking Roman back to his room for the night, but it was especially difficult this evening. When we dropped him off at the door, he didn’t go into his room like he usually does, but instead just stood there and looked at us with eyes that said, “take me, it’s okay.” He IS love. I can’t describe him any other way. Here’s some more pics from the day. Enjoy!





7 thoughts on “Murphy Movie Night and More

  1. His smile is so special, I’m sure it’s melting your momma heart. 🙂 Maternity leave gives me lots of time to hold my sweet baby and look at pictures of yours. I am loving it!

  2. His smile is so contagious 🙂 I love that you’re getting snuggle time and I know you’re enjoying every minute! Roman can’t wait to be home with you all!

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