Thumbs Up!!

As the days go by, we’re beginning to recognize and sometimes even anticipate some of Roman’s behaviors and mannerisms.  Of all of the cute gestures, vocalizations, and giggles, there’s one behavior of his that is just too cute not to highlight in a post……. He gives a thumbs up if he likes something! Like his very own 4-year-old-boy stamp of approval. Every time I’m graced with one, I feel like I’ve been awarded the Pulitzer Prize or something. Our first time to witness this was after one of his visits when dropping him off, one of his babbas asked him something in Russian, and he gave a thumbs up.  It could have been a gazillion different questions, but my assumption was they either asked him if he had been a good boy or if he has been having a good time with his new padres. So, the sweet part of this whole story is I have started slowly sneaking in a couple of smooches to his cheeks the last day or two, and you can guess what I’ve been getting in response……….a thumbs up!! This, of course, is when he’s not wiping my kisses off and laughing mischievously afterwards.

photo copy 6photo copy 5

I wrangled both boys together, one on each leg! It was hysterical trying to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time, myself included. This was about as good as it got!

photo copy 7photo copy 9



Roman’s doing wonderfully communicating using the “more” sign. He’s also imitating several sounds and sound combinations. We have been working through his first word book daily and he is naming ball and “sh” for shoe. He is also saying “wawa” for water, nana for banana, kakuh for cracker, “eat” along with sign, and as of today “apa” for apple. We’re working on “all done” and this has also helped when we finish with snack time as he wants to devour anything edible. He’s a hungry, hungry hippo, but doesn’t quite understand the filling of full, so something to gently work on. He’s a little weak in the trunk and legs with a some “W” sitting goin’ on, so we’ll want to consult some PTs for some good tips for the next few weeks.

Everyday’s a treasure and we’re all soaking it up! Hope you all are having a wonderful ending to your weekend!




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