Say Cheese!!

This morning we were in the middle of our morning visit and in walks our beautiful facilitator, Olga. She asked us if we would like to go get Roman’s passport picture done today. Dustin and I looked at each other and without much hesitation replied, “sure!” At first we thought we were going to put him in clothes we brought, but there was no time for this so the orphanage put him in some of theirs. Roman left with one of his babbas for a few moments and returned in this:



Ummmmm………I can’t think of anything more stinking adorable! We couldn’t stop giggling when we first saw him. They BUNDLE their children up here in Ukraine; and understandably so since they do a lot of walking to get where they need to go.

It was really fun getting to take him outside the orphanage, even if it was for a short outing. It was Crawford, Roman, Olga, and me all squished in the backseat while Dustin sat in the front since he’s the biggest. 🙂 Roman did great while he was at the photographer’s. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, he is not camera shy.


In the car on the way back he said, “maheehee.” I asked Olga if that meant anything and she informed me that it sounded like he was trying to say, “mashinki” (excuse the misspelling) which means small car. This would have been a very accurate comment as there were small cars all around us. This was exciting news. Later as we were walking back to his room he attempted to say his own simplified version of “zdravstvuite.” Wow! Try saying that word and you will appreciate his valiant effort to produce such a consonant concoction.

Today was our first day to see him get a little upset. One of his favorite babbas came in the room briefly and left.  He appeared to be heart-broken for a moment wanting to go with her, but he let me soothe him with some snuggle time and smooches.  After a few minutes, he was back to his spunky ol’ self. This is a positive observation in my eyes.  It proves to me that he has been loved while here, and he shows the capacity to attach.  I am nothing, but grateful for this and have his babbas to thank for providing a loving environment when they could have just fulfilled his basic needs. The babba you see in the picture has been so sweet and wonderful.  I only wish I could convey my deepest gratitude in better words!  Thankfully I have Olga to help this Arkansan out!


One thought on “Say Cheese!!

  1. So so so sweet! Kids are adorable all bundled up! He is so precious. What a wonderful validation for his trip home to get his passport picture taken! So amazing! Miss you guys! Tell Crawford and Roman that Max and Harry say hello!

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