Hiney Ball

Hiney /hai*nI/– either of the two rounded prominences on the human torso that are posterior to the hips and formed by the gluteal muscles and underlying structures

Ball /bôl/ a solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, esp. one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game

Hiney Ball – a game derived at the House of Murphy in 2011 where a ball is specifically directed to or aimed at the hiney of your opponent. Points are earned only when the ball does indeed make contact with your opponent’s hiney.

This morning was so much fun! We did a number of things, but Hiney Ball was by far the highlight of the morning.  It’s somewhat of a rite of passage, so we introduced Roman to this family tradition a few days ago.  He was enthralled, standing there giggling as he took the silliness in. Now, he is an up and comer Hiney Ball pro.  He is now taunting us by poking his hiney out and then covering it before we can get to it. We’re also having to protect our own hind ends from him.  He loves it, and I think he could play it for hours.


Crawford also introduced us to his pet snakes which he had to pay the town tax collector (i.e., Dustin) a snake tax of 1 grivna per snake. So, we introduce to you Crawford’s snakes, Snakey Dwayne Murphy (big snake on his right) and Snakey Ray Murphy (small snake on his left).


Roman was Mr. Snuggly and Tickly today. He kept running into my and Dustin’s laps to get snuggles, kisses, and tickles. Pure heaven! Crawford trained us both very well to be good snugglers as he loves all of these things too!  Here are some more fun pictures from this morning.



Snuggles and kisses for daddy too!!


Hope you all are enjoying your week! We’ll report back soon with some more news on our latest Hiney Ball events!

Book tickets early! They go quickly!


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