Snack Time VIDEO!!!

Everyone, we introduce to you Roman on video during snack time! This is probably his favorite time of day – this includes any time, really, that consists of food and liquid consumption! We’ve been wanting to provide video viewing for a while now, but were having some technical problems and apologize for the long wait! We plan to post more video footage moving forward.

Although this is day 5 after we met him, we felt that this was an appropriate video to introduce you to Roman’s endearing personality.  We were able to catch a culmination of newly learned communication exchanges such as the “more” sign, “eat”, and here he’s just beginning to learn how to wave and say “hi.” He’s just about got that one mastered now!  Now, his snack time words are “wawa”/water,  “apo”/apple, “ju”/juice, “kakuh”/cracker, and “nana”/ banana. We’re saying, “skazshi” to him in the video which means “say.” Hope you enjoy it as much as we do everyday!!! Cuckoo everyone!




2 thoughts on “Snack Time VIDEO!!!

  1. LOVED IT! Such a smart boy, and just so sweet. Can’t wait for more videos. PS I spy TEAM folders in the glass cabinet behind you. hee hee.

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