More Videos and Sticker Fun!

Here is Roman just a few short days ago going over his first words book.

Here is Crawford showing Roman our family album. This one was filmed last Thursday or Friday.  I love how Roman looks at Crawford with such curiosity!

Roman loves stickers and loves putting them on mama’s nose even more!

IMG_2805IMG_2804IMG_2809 IMG_2810


Can’t believe it’s already Friday again! Looks like it’s gonna be another Murphy Movie Night!  Can’t wait for more snuggle time with my boys!


7 thoughts on “More Videos and Sticker Fun!

  1. As I watch these videos, I am so amazed at how God has uniquely gifted you to be Roman’s mother. All that you’ve learned over the years as a speech pathologist, all that you’ve experienced in your work and your own home- he’s been shaping you with the gifts and skills you needed to parent this child well. It’s amazing to watch! Thank you for the videos….we can’t wait to meet him in person!

    • I am with big sister. I have watched each of these at least 3 times apiece…one as a BFF, one as a speech path, one as a human thanking God for other humans. What a precious little smile. How precious his “mama” and that grin at you, Lora. He gets it . He knows who you are. It’s all over his face. Girl, YOU’RE SUNK…you know that, right? : ) And Crawford is cracking me up! I love it! I’m so happy you guys went this mile. Of all the miles that haven’t felt so sure for awhile…this one has to feel pretty freaking sure right now and I’m just sooooo happy you’re there. Right now. Living this moment. All of you. All my love. I’m bawling my eyes out watching these. Whatever is to come…this kid is yours, girl… heart and soul.

  2. Thanks for sharing the videos Lora! Norah and I just watched them together and we both agreed that we’re ready to have you back here at home!

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