A Nice Change

I got you babe….da, da, da,da,da, da. I got you babe….da, da, da, da, da,da. Yep, I know it’s used up and cliche to say this, but although each day is a new day and brings more fulfilled wonderments, it is indeed a little bit like Groundhog Day. While we’re grateful to get to see our Roman twice a day, 7 days a week, there’s really no delineation between the weekdays and weekends like most of us generally get when we work. So, there’s this tremendous sense of redundancy to our routine.  We try to break up the monotony with a trip to the pizza place around the corner (which reminds us of home – so we end up eating there every other day) or sometimes a venture to the grocery store nearby brings something different to the day. However, yesterday afternoon was a special day for several reasons.  Our facilitator and her husband shared their home with us. It was a lovely few hours spent learning about their lives, their culture, the adoption process, teas they enjoy, and tasting Alex’s delicious 25-year-old cognac. This all happening while Alex cooks us a magnificent feast filling the whole apartment with the aromas of our first home-cooked meal since we’ve been here. In addition to this, we now have three loads of fantastically clean clothing! It was such a nice change. We all felt like we were getting a lazy Saturday with family. Here are a few pictures of the chef himself!

I loved the colors on their door to the kitchen and had to photograph it.



Here’s Crawford being lazy underneath a beautifully quilted blanket (a gift to Olga) made by one of our very own TEAM therapists and friend.  Can anyone guess who this talented person might be??


We have some treats for you all in our next post!  Can’t wait to share! Love everyone and see you soon!


3 thoughts on “A Nice Change

  1. Ahh, clean laundry! I loved the painting on the hood and pipe over the stove. Their apartment is super cozy, and this post made me miss them both! Hug them for me.

  2. Oh man, your words are so familiar….love following you guys! Their place is such a welcomed break to the monotony. Tell them the Mooneys said hi & great to see Alex repping the hogs!

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