I Love Swings!!

Man, I love swings!  They not only draw out the inner child in myself when I get in one, but they are a speech-language pathologist’s best friend!  There’s something that happens to a child (and adults too) when you put them in a swing. They come alive and suddenly you can tap into places that you could never get to without that sweet vestibular input.  Well, Roman was no exception. He’s hooked!

We discovered the tucked away swing a few days ago. Roman has a whole new set of vocabulary because he discovered the joys of the to and fro motion.  Now, he walks up to the swing and signs the swing sign to me. He is saying “Go,” “mama/papa go,” “stop,” and “up” thanks to the swing……..and thanks to his sweet big brother! To all my speech-language path friends/colleagues, there is hope for our field to have maybe one more male therapist.

Crawford swinging Roman

Me Swinging Roman during his second or third time.

Dustin and Roman saying, “Go!” Roman’s already generalizing what he learned from the swing!

Going Dark: Our computer charger went Kapooey, so we may be out for a few days figuring out how we can get a new one.  I’ll try to make short posts in the mean time!  Hope everyone is warm and well!


2 thoughts on “I Love Swings!!

  1. Sweet Crawford- loves helping his brother! Roman is doing great and I love the videos! Brings tears watching how awesome he’s doing with all of you

  2. I love it! He’s soooooo smart! Just needed the attention to spark language! I can’t wait to have some sweet Roman hugs! So, hurry up! GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (As in…GO back home! haha)

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