The Up and Up

Things are steadily improving over here on the other side of the world. Following inspection, the hotel has made some changes to their emergency alarm system since the sauna fire incident the other night. For those of you who may have interest in staying at Hotel Kramatorsk, there is no longer a hot sauna on the menu of hotel amenities. You’ll have to sweat elsewhere.


We became acquainted with their use of the alarm system yesterday morning when a man chimed in on the mysterious speaker in our room.  It was our first time hearing it, and since the man was speaking in Russian, we had no idea what he was saying and weren’t about to take any chances.  We immediately donned our shoes, coats, and belts in record time.  We hit the hall in our pajamas, and the cleaning ladies looked at us perplexedly and said what seemed like “Everything is okay. Go back to your room.” They both giggled at us, but we weren’t offended. We were ready by golly!

Roman is doing better, and we think that we’ll get to resume our regular visits very soon – perhaps maybe even this afternoon.  Dustin went to see him briefly yesterday afternoon and took a lovie (i.e., stuffed dinosaur) to help him get well.  He said that Roman kept pointing to the door confused as to why we weren’t going to the gym to play, but he enjoyed his visit with papa anyway. For those we so luckily get to call family, “papa” is father and “dada” is uncle here, hence our continuous use of “papa” when referring to Dustin.  I got to visit with Roman this morning, and he was as chipper as can be.  We looked through the family album, reviewed his body parts, played “stinky feet” (where I smell his feet, say peeshoo and tickle them), sang, and of course, I tried to steal some snuggles. The best part of all was when I kept saying, “I love you.” He repeated, “I wuv.” Oh man did my heart melt! Here are some pictures I got of us this morning.


Last night we got to enjoy the company of our facilitator and her husband for dinner.  It was so much fun and, again, a nice change from the norm.  We went to a restaurant called Da Vinci and ate delicious food and drank some great wine! Crawford has made quite the friend in Mr. Alex.  Some people are just naturals with children, and Alex is one of them. Despite the language barrier, he established a connection with Crawford almost immediately.  It is just so sweet to watch them interact. Olga says it’s because they’re the same age – haha! 🙂 I say it’s a rare gift!




Here are some pictures of our food and wine, of course! This is Crimean wine from Crimea, Ukraine. Delish! .IMG_2984

Here’s my salmon with grilled veggies and Dustin’s sesame seed covered codfish.


How many kids do you know who go wild for squid? Crawford loves it!! Seafood pasta.


So, we’re all doing well with the help of culinary therapy and, as always, a little chocolate too.  I hope to be posting another soon as we were also able to get our charger fixed with the help of Olga and Alex once again!! So resourceful!!


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