Everybody Dance Now!! To My Crawford Pooh Bear

While we have reached one, extremely important milestone in this whole process, we still have a ways to go.  After the court hearing tomorrow, Crawford and Dustin will get to go home!……..and I will stay for a few more weeks. I’m sad to see them go and will miss them dearly.  I look back at the last three weeks, and it brings a smile to my face.  How much growth our family has endured, all in love and togetherness. This four-hours-a-day play schedule is not  just for anyone.  I believe the best way to connect with a child is to become the inner child that lies within each of us, and my family rose to the occasion!!! They rock!!

Most of all, I am so thankful that Crawford was able to be a part of this journey.  He makes me dig deeper within myself, even when I’m exhausted or discouraged. He has a zest for life that has helped me to push through difficult times and seize each moment. Anyone who knows Crawford, loves him and can appreciate his playful, yet at times, serious sense of humor. I love his intellect. I love his curiosity. I love when he talks incessantly without breathing in between words. So, I thought it would behoove everyone to share in a little celebratory dancing as well, Crawford style! We are so proud of you and love you so much, Crawford Ray! We can’t wait to see you grow into your new role as a big brother, and we thank you for inspiring us all to be better creatures of this earth! Get ready to laugh and dance your hineys off everyone!





One thought on “Everybody Dance Now!! To My Crawford Pooh Bear

  1. If you’ll just pardon me…I CAN’T FIND THE ‘THAT MADE MY DAY’ Button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How Kaaayyyyooooot is that boy!!!????? Oh…you can definitely use the underwear shots to show his dates someday. hahaha. So cute, Lora! So good to spotlight that little blonde angel a bit! He definitely deserves a trooper award!!! I’m so proud OF and FOR all of you. You have battle scars together now. In so many ways. In the taverns of life…it’s hard to drink well with those with no battle scars. Well, you guys have ’em now. Anyway… hurry home. Tavern time! : ) I love you, sis.Miss you much. Can’t say I’ll ever be better about getting out and about (though, since you’ve been gone, I’ve become quite the runner…haha)… but, I certainly miss being able to “phone a friend”…well, specifically…YOU, whenever I need to talk. : ) Besides. I think Kimball is falling apart without us. Tell the whoevers there in wherever that! haha (I hope Julie is reading this and shows it to him!) Doesn’t Ukraine understand Kimball needs us???? lol

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