We Have Ministry Consent and Court Hearing Tomorrow!!!!!!!

Oh my. What a relief! What a treasure trove of precious memories we’ve created throughout this experience, the good and the not so idyllic included!  However, this day brought with it some long-awaited milestones.

We never realized that you had to wait this long to get the Ministry’s consent in order to get a court hearing until we got over here.  It’s been communicated to us I’m sure, but I guess we confused it with the seemingly more paramount milestones, like the court date itself. You also don’t know you’re going to get the Ministry’s consent until a day or two before the tentative court date.  Crazy, I know. Therefore, we’ve been at a three-week-long breath-hold waiting for this day to come!

Alex left last night for Kiev so he could be on time for the 1-hour window he had this morning to check on our status. We got the call at the end of a very sweet visit with Roman, filled with milestones of its own. We, Olga included, were elated to receive the news as our court date will end up being slightly earlier than we anticipated. You know what, we’ll take it!  So, the Murphy family of three (soon to be four) will be in court early tomorrow morning to officially receive Roman into our family (or I guess I should say to be officially received by him). You all wouldn’t mind waking up around, say, 1:00 AM your time to send your prayers and positive thoughts our way would ya?  🙂

Roman continues to blossom, and we’re still getting a dead sprint to us every time we see him, so I guess that’s a good sign.  He must like us at least a little bit. 🙂 The feeling is mutual little one!  He is now waving independently and saying, “Hi!” with a little Arkansan twang. You know how we Arkansans have to add a syllable or two to our words? Well, he’s got it! It is adorable!  I can’t wait to take him to visit with my family down south next year for Christmas – haha!! This morning’s visit was pure sugar cane! Dustin and I both got SUGARs from him! He’s needed a little training on this. He certainly knows how to receive kisses, but has not offered up any of his own until today!  He giggled crazily afterwards too.  It was so sweet. Below, we captured some moments of me and Dustin singing to him these last few days. The last one is of big brother, Crawford, popping out to scare him while daddy pushes him!


3 thoughts on “We Have Ministry Consent and Court Hearing Tomorrow!!!!!!!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I bet we could swing a 1 a.m.!!!! : ) LOVE, LOVE the giggles when the Craw-man scared him! That is beyond precious! Viktor’s Dad, Hugo will have to play the ABC song for him at that first gig! : ) THREE WEEKS! Seriously, that’s a lot of life moments to cram into such a short time, huh?
    Love you! After court date, when do you get to COME HOME????

  2. Yay yay yay!!! That’s awesome you have a court date- ill be praying that everything goes great!! Your family of 4 is just so cute 🙂

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