Just the Two of Us!

Good morning my fellow earthlings!! Hope you’ve enjoyed your first cup of joe! Can’t wait to have freshly brewed coffee and hear the drip, drip of my coffee pot when I get home.

Well, it’s day one with just me and Roman.  Boy do I have some big shoes to fill!  Three pairs for that matter.  Look what act I’ve got to follow.

I walked into the gym this morning, and an intense feeling of nostalgia washed over me not having Dustin and Crawford by my side. I had to choke back a few tears.  Every object in that room reminds me of moments of play that I’ll be lucky to pull off by myself. You saw what a hambone Crawford can be!  This will be a new challenge for me, and I’m gonna have to rise to the occasion and turn up the  ham dial a few notches.

I went to go get Roman, and he was thrilled to see me.  Once we entered the gym together, I about lost it though when he began looking for papa. He’s used to opening that door to a fan base of loud, cheerful greetings. He thought papa was hiding from him. 😦 So, as he peered underneath the trampoline and looked around the gym gleefully saying, “papa, papa, ” it was heart-wrenching. I tried to explain to him what was going on with what words he does understand along with gestures, but fortunately, Olga saved the day when she entered the room. She was able to explain everything to him.  He answered with a “da” which means “yes,” indicating that he understood what was happening.  We had a great time, but he seemed more subdued and a little confused this morning.  He and mommy are both undergoing some changes.  We can do it together, just the two of us Roman!  I thought it was an appropriate time to sing him the Will Smith song Just the Two of Us – lol! I also brought lotion to rub his feet,and he seemed to like it. We went vroom-vroom in the car, played chase, and colored.  Here’s a little video and some pictures I attempted to capture.  My apologies for the shakiness. I really just need a full on camera crew for all the crazy playing we do in there!



Dustin and Crawford should arrive home this evening!  Give them a holler when they get home. I’m sure they’d love to see everyone !

Here’s a little Will Smith for y’all!


5 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us!

  1. Sweet mommy/son bonding time- you guys will do great together just the 2 of you 🙂 ill be praying everything moves along quickly to come home very soon! Love the pictures/videos!

  2. Ok…now that we are all crying our eyes out lol just know with Dusty and Crawford leaving your one step closer to the end…..and that is having your family home and complete 🙂

  3. Oh girlie! I kind of teared up a little when you were talking about Roman looking for Dusty…I know your Mama’s heart had to be breaking and leaping at the same time. I think that you are fully capable of dialing up the ‘ham’ and stealing the show! I love you- can’t wait til you get home!

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