Introduction to the Almighty Slice of Pizza

Okay, this post does include more than just Roman’s introduction to pizza, but I feel pizza plays such an integral role in our lives that it’s almost an entity in its own right.  THE pizza.  I love making the dough, letting it rise, tossing it, spreading the sauce and then topping it with a glorious array of fresh veggies, creamy, fresh mozzarella, and a sprinkle of garden fresh basil and oregano.  Can you tell I miss cooking? I can’t wait to get Roman and Crawford in the kitchen with me to make a homemade pizza!  It will be a mess, just as it is when I’m cooking solo, but with more widely dispersed flour and sauce. Thankfully, I have two new aprons waiting for use when I get home!

This video is so funny because Roman is all smiles until he’s eating, and then he means business. He immediately shows us what he thinks of the pizza.  You know they say sometimes it takes a child up to 9-10 exposures to a new food before they decide they like it.  Better get started now because this family enjoys weekly stops at US Pizza!

Roman is also beginning to complete intraverbals!! They’re not 100% accurate, but would they be for any of us learning a new language? What better way to start than with the ABCs? I’ve been singing this song, among 2-3 others, repeatedly over the last few weeks. He did so good, and you can see he’s so proud!

Okay, so this is what melted my heart tonight.  There are times when Roman will obsess over a repetitive task (these moments are rare, but it happens), and I’ll try to break him from the cycle and encourage him to engage with me. He has been loving the swing the last few days and signing for me to sing itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle. Tonight he began filling the swing with balls from the ball pit.  I wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but he was in the zone.  I wanted to let it play out in effort to determine what kind of cognition was at play. He filled the swing, positioned a large ball in front of the swing, and get ready for this…..proceeded to sit on the ball like mommy does when she’s swinging him!!! It was the sweetest thing! I found a few stuffed animals throughout the room and placed them in the swing so Roman could swing them. He loved it and loved that mommy made them talk. When they fell out, Roman and I would kiss on them, rub their noggins, and soothe them. Roman falls a lot and bumps his head. I think due to a combo of sensory processing and having had to soothe himself, he just gets right back up and keeps going. I want him to be able to process pain and understand it when it occurs; also to know momma and papa are here to cradle him when it does happen. He’s had some nasty falls due to muscle weakness/coordination in his legs and trunk, maybe even warranting a helmet when we get home to prevent head trauma until he can build enough strength. Here’s a sweet picture that I captured of him!



2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Almighty Slice of Pizza

  1. Oh Lora. Seriously. I LOVE this one. Maybe this entry is my favorite. It’s between THIS and the tootsie one. I still haven’t forgiven you for the fire one. But, I’m like that. I hold grudges. hahaha. Oh man. I can’t wait to smooch on this kid! SOOOOOOO cute that he wanted to be like you…giving a little mommy love/therapy!!!! The best compliment and thumbs up he could give!

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