A Little Taste of Kramatorsk (KPAMATOPCK)

It’s another beautifully, snowy day here in Kramatorsk. I’ve had several sleepless nights throughout my stay here, but I am motivated when I awaken to such a lovely snowfall each morning, not to mention all the many other wonderful reasons to get my tired body up. The people here at the hotel have been very kind to me, and everyone from the cleaning ladies to the girls at the hotel cafe has been patient with me when I, for the four-hundreth time, use my one or two phrases I know in Russian. When I moved to my third room, one of the cleaning ladies asked if I knew Spanish, and I excitedly said, “Sí, Yo hablo un poco español!” It felt so good to TALK to someone!! Haha! We now exchange words (although minimal) whenever we see each other. The girls at the coffee shop know what I want when I walk in the door, and we all have a good laugh when I try to use my numbers in Russian. I’m trying here, people! Gotta respect someone who’s willing to try, right?

My apologies for taking so long on this post. There were so many other adorable moments I couldn’t resist sharing with you all first! Therefore, here you have it, my current home away from home. My facilitator, Olga, stated it perfectly the other day, “Home is in here.”  – as she tearfully points to her heart. I’m thinking, is she gonna think I’m a complete cream puff if I cry on her right now? Apparently, my inner dialogue did not help me inhibit this response because  I did cry a little. 🙂 Anyway, here’s my Ukrainian home for just a few more days!!

Here is the view outside my window.


Old Russian Ladas all over town.


My little bungalow…..entryway and bathroom


My bedroom/living area, dining area, and kitchen


Close-up of kitchen and trusty ol’ teapot. That teapot is my lifeline to endless amounts of ramen noodles, instant coffee, and tea.


Things that get me through!! Basic necessities of coffee, tea, chocolate, cheese, wine, and chips. The wine bottle with the intricate pattern that you see in the pic above was homemade, made by our lovely driver, Vladymir. It was delicious and tasted just like port….yum.


The store. Have a sweet tooth? Have no fear, chocolate is here! The chocolate here is mouth-watering to even write about.  I’ve already had some requests (these people will be left unnamed) to bring some back with me.


An endless array of sweet biscuits, wafers, and cookies!


Roman’s home for a few more days……..Antoshka.


In Ukraine, it is customary to remove your shoes and wear slippers when you go inside someone’s home or, in this case, an orphanage. I thought I’d show off my hot pink river shoes! They have been a hit here at Antoshka, specifically when coordinated with black leggings – haha!!


Roman and I have been doing very well, just missing the other half of our family. BUT, it won’t be much longer before we can all be together once again!! Post coming soon with more videos and pics. Enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone!! Love and miss everyone back home!


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