Soccer Stars

Soccer was such a large part of my early existence as I spent 14 years of my life enjoying the physical challenges, camaraderie, and the overall exhilaration that came with the game. However, after one year of collegiate ball and complete burnout, I was ready to explore other areas of my life. There have been few moments since that I’ve even looked at a soccer ball. I have a feeling it’s about to make a comeback. Crawford is starting practices next week; and after spending a week entertaining Roman with frequent soccer matches of our own, I think we may have two little soccer stars in our midst. I can’t wait to see them both in a pair of shinguards and cleats – there is nothing cuter!

Here’s a fun video of one of Roman’s first introductions to the sport. Check out that kick! What finesse and power he demonstrates.  It also looks like we’re gonna have two lefties in the family!



3 thoughts on “Soccer Stars

  1. Nicholas and I just watched this together. : ) Our two little ones are very curious about this, having lots and lots of questions as they watch your videos. I’m glad they can see in another family’s life how someone can love a non-bio child as their own… : ) Just another way your experience is touching lives! : )

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