The Gully, Gully, Gully

When I married into my husband’s family and had Crawford, I had the pleasure of watching my mother-in-law show me how to do The Gully, Gully, Gully on Crawford. It’s such a fun way to teach body parts AND be affectionate with your child. Crawford loved it, and now Roman is growing increasingly fond of it as well. I’ve witnessed some even sweeter Gully, Gully moments than captured here that would have only diminished in value had I paused to get the camera. So, let’s just let those stay between momma and son. 🙂

To maintain our flow as a new family, Roman and I have been visiting with Dustin and Crawford via pre-recorded videos every time we meet. Roman loves seeing his papa and bwa-bwa and grins from ear to ear until their videos to him are complete. We recently exchanged Gully, Gully videos. Welcome to The Gully, Gully, Gully!

Papa and bwa-bwa responded with this:


One thought on “The Gully, Gully, Gully

  1. I can’t believe we’ve been such good friends for a decade and I didn’t know you had a Gully! Ours is “Head knocker, Eye Winker, Tom Tinker (the other eye, don’t get freaked out…hahaha), Nose Dropper, Mouth Eater, Chin Chopper, Ticky! Ticky! Ticky!” Steven STILL loves it! : )

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