Preparations, but maybe I should have entitled this Perspirations because I’m giddy, anxious, and hot which equate to sweaty. I knew my husband left me with his men’s deodorant for a reason. Thanks babe!! Tomorrow’s huge for so many reasons. We have our Judgement hearing; we travel to two separate towns to update birth certificate and identification information for Roman; then, we hope to wrap up the day by traveling to Donetsk to get his passport information processed. It will also likely be Roman’s first time traveling in a vehicle for that length of time while also discovering the wonders of being safely strapped into a car seat. Hopefully, he’ll be distracted by the wonders of the scenic view outside his window instead. I have packed a bag full of fun goodies to divert his attention if/when needed. I tried to keep these as noise and mess free as possible in effort to maintain the sanity of  my facilitator and her husband – haha! We need tomorrow to go well, so whatever your mode of spirituality may be, please keep us in your thoughts and send us your prayers.

I likely won’t have time to post tomorrow, but here’s a sweet video of Roman and me a day or two ago. He’s really taken an interest in counting and colors lately. He definitely struggles with some motor planning for speech along with the added difficulties of learning a new language, so hand/visual cues and simplified productions of the target words are very helpful to him. He’s catchin’ on quickly! If any PTs are watching this, my apologies for the W sitting – ahhhh!! We are working on this too, I promise!!


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