Hello World! I am Roman!

Yesterday was a success! We were even able to wrap things up earlier than anticipated. We set out on our journey with Roman around 9:30 and got him back for his dinner by 6:30. He did incredibly well for being in a car for that length of time and seeing more of the world than he’s ever seen before. The first two hours were spent in silence as he took in the moving picture occurring outside his window with an occasional look in my direction to smile.  He held my hand for two hours straight and when I stopped rubbing his, he would begin rubbing mine. Just precious.  I knew the second I whipped out a toy or book, it would all be over; so, as long as he was content, we just set there and snuggled hands. Here are some pictures before we left the orphanage and a few minutes after getting in the car. He had such a curious look. My sweet Roman seeing the world for the first time.


When we stopped at the first town to get his new birth certificate, we had to wait longer than expected, but he did fairly well. He kept asking, “Mama kwaka? Mama kwaka?” We also ventured into the office building for a bathroom break after he said, “Mama pee pee!” Just like handsome Crawford, Roman’s cute face earned him a chocolate bar from the lady up front. He is a curious little one, however, as he LOVEs cords and attempted to reach for a good tug of one in the director’s office where we were signing some documents.  He followed that up with knocking over a tray of her papers – oh my! The director was very kind and seemed unfazed by it which was a relief. Roman is 4, yes, but he’s never explored the endless wonders this world has to offer. It’s as if he’s seeing everything from the eyes of a newborn.  So, these are things we will have to be especially vigilant about over the next several months. I’m trying to give him enough space to safely make choices so that he can begin to understand their consequences (i.e., throw book, book gets put up) and also hear the associated phrases in English. All in all, I thought he did excellent! Here are some fun pics in the car.


Another pleasure as a mommy was getting to watch him fall asleep for the first time, and although he was slightly grumpy beforehand (which was cute too), it was something I’ve been looking forward to so very much. He still has the pouty lip thing going on from a slight fit he had just prior. Everybody throws fits, so it’s only fair that he’s allowed one from time to time.  Prepare to be melted. 🙂


We met with the orphanage director and Roman’s doctors and caregivers today to give them our  gifts and express our thanks.  I unfortunately have very few pictures, but hope to get some before we leave town later this week!!

Dustin and Crawford are very excited. Our hearts are full.  We’re ready to bring this boy home. I’m still hoping to have him home by my birthday next week, March 6th!! We cannot thank everyone enough for all the love, prayers, and support that have helped lead us to these last few days! Then, let the true journey commence!!


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