Forever Home

Roman and I had our very last scheduled visit this afternoon. It was weird knowing I was shutting the lights off to the gym for the final time. We shared so many moments of glee, excitement, goofiness, patience, fatigue, energy, affection, hunger, thirst, music, learning, compassion, discovery, attitude, kisses, hugs, tickles, giggles, and most important of all, love. I will go pick him up tomorrow morning; and thus, the journey to his forever home begins.  Tonight will be the last night he will sleep in the only place he’s ever known as home. So, in hopes to make the transition easier, we’ve been looking at picture stories and videos of Papa and bwa-bwa showing him his home. Roman especially loves the videos of his bwa-bwa playing instruments he will get to play when he gets there. He says, “more bwa-bwa.” Here’s a cute little sample of what Dustin and Crawford have been putting together for him.

Here are some last pictures of him with his caregivers.



Here is one of his doctors who has corresponded with Dustin and me the whole time we’ve been visiting with Roman.


A few last moments in the gym!



We will start a tiresome trip to Kiev at 12:00 AM tomorrow night/Sunday morning. Dustin will head this direction early tomorrow morning. We hope to have safe travels in all directions! We’re so close to being home as a family! We’re thrilled!


2 thoughts on “Forever Home

  1. : ) MUUUWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Can’t wait to throw my arms around your skinny, little neck! And that Roman! I can’t wait!

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