In addition to all the excitement of the impending leave from his orphanage, I was also able to snatch Roman’s baby picture!

Here’s baby boy, Roman!


When I got back to the hotel, I stared and stared at his picture as if maybe I could jump into the photograph myself and scoop him up to allay his worries and tell him “Momma is here sweet boy.” I wanted to kiss his worried eyes and draw out coos and giggles to calm whatever fears seem to reside behind them. But I also look at this picture and see a little warrior that’s saying, “Bring it!” He has those little fists up ready to defend himself – haha! I don’t see these eyes today. Today, I see eyes filled with hope, love, strength, affection, curiosity, and sometimes mischief (especially when we play hiney ball) – haha!

When pondering moments of the last 42 days and the moments that have not yet come to pass, I recall a poem that my mother wrote. She has written many poems, and I’ve always admired her ability to paint such beautiful imagery and tell such moving stories in the form of rhyme. My mother is a token of strength herself as she overcame polio as a young child ,which continues to have lasting effects on her physical health, yet she perseveres! She’s a woman of beautiful insight and has loved me through many hardships. I’m thankful that I will have her poetry to look to for strength and comfort in the years to come. Here is Cocoon.


Wrapped in silky threads,
Secure against the wind,
Cocoon holds fast to tender leaf
As branches sway and bend.

Each day makes it stronger
As it feeds and grows and feeds,
And the gentle leaf it’s anchored to
Fulfills its every need.

The silken thread begins to loose
T0 free the life it holds.
The butterfly sees worlds anew
As shaky wings unfold.

Now it soars at edge of sky
With sun-drenched wings at flight,
And cocoons itself in memories
Of a tender leaf—FIRST SIGHT!

© Carlene Welch, 2012

When I look at Roman, I see a little butterfly whose cocoon has begun to give way to beautiful wings, wings eager to feel the air beneath them as they take flight over creations abound. They will no longer feel entrapped, but will finally fly freely. My hope, though, is that he can find refuge in a new cocoon with anchorage to a much stronger and more nurturing leaf in the love of our family. We are family, baby boy! We will be your leaf, just as you will be ours.  We love you sweet Roman and can’t wait to see you spread your butterfly wings!!

This will probably be my last post until I see Dustin tomorrow!! (Ahhhh…..I get to see my husband – wahooo!) I’ll have a little youngster to chase around our 10 x 5 ft. hotel room for about 12 hours today, so imagine that will leave me few hands to type up an inspirational piece – hehe. Wish me luck guys!  I better load up on the ol’ instant coffee!  Love you all!! See you all very soon!!


6 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. Yeah!!! I’m so excited for you all. Praying for safety and sanity as you finish up the exhausting details and travel!!!

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