Mama, I’m Comin’ Home!

Just can’t help but think of Ozzy’s hit, Mama, I’m Comin’ Home!

Well, we were all able to finally reunite in Kiev Sunday afternoon. I picked up Roman for his final departure from Antoshka on Saturday morning. He was precious and looked like a completely different little boy once I got him in the clothes that we brought him. The feeling was surreal. With this process, you learn to just wait and wait……then everything just starts happening! Here he is in his final minutes at the orphanage. Please excuse the shakiness and sidewaysness of the videos!


We spent our long, 13-hour day in our very small hotel room. Yes, it was long; and yes, we had some hard moments, especially at nap time, but it was a situation that would push anyone to the limit. Typically, we would venture outside, have more access to toys, and our environment at home will be more conducive to safe exploration, but this was not our reality, and we just had to make the best of it. I felt Roman did very well given the situation (i.e., the cord and light switch haven and very little to do, but play with the same old lady and few select toys for 13 hours). We took walking breaks down the hall and in the lobby where we boogied to the Jewish music playing in the dance hall.


Then we left for the midnight train. Roman was so exhausted that he slept the whole way! Once we got to Kiev, he and I waited at the apartment for Dustin to arrive later in the afternoon. Again, eye level light switches and a plethora of exposed electrical wires saying, “go ahead, tug us,” made for another long day – haha! Finally, Dustin arrived and Roman was a bit speechless at first, but was very happy to see his papa! It was a welcomed reunion!

We had our first appointment at the Embassy yesterday and it went very well. We came back for our interview at 2:00 today. The longest part of the process was the wait. We waited about 45 minutes, and then the interview lasted about 30 seconds. We got Roman’s visa 15 minutes after that, and that’s a wrap folks!!!! We are done! We head home bright and early at 5:55 AM and should arrive to NWA at 6:49 PM tomorrow evening!! Please feel free to welcome Roman home at the airport if you so choose! We are overjoyed to know we will be back in beautiful Fayetteville in just a little over 24 hours!

Here’s Roman on his iPhone 6 using his new word “hello.” We heard lots of “papa, hello,” “hello, mama” “hello, bwa-bwa”





6 thoughts on “Mama, I’m Comin’ Home!

  1. Bye-Bye Antoshka. Be still my heart. The pitter patter of his little feet walking out of there is a sweet sound. He’s so sweet and just has no idea the world that’s waiting on him! Come on Roman, Arkansas been’s waiting for you!!!

  2. Lora!!! I was all smiles and tears while reading this- so excited and happy for you all and you’ll be home soon together as a family! I’m gonna try my hardest to welcome you all home 🙂 ill be praying for safe travels!

  3. Another wonderful blog! And those videos are so beautiful and something I know he will need to see someday when he has questions . Beautiful ! I think we will wait to see you to give your parents and sisters those special first hugs with him, though its going to be so hard not to come! Still, with the newness and long trip and time change, I don’t want to overwhelm the sweet little angel! I would LOVE to swing by tomorrow night after I drop food off at Abby’s shower! Ill just wait for a text for when you guys are ready for Auntie Amy though. You are going to be sooooo tired I know : ) will be praying for safe travels today!!!! I love you!!!!

  4. YAY!!!!! You guys are so perfect for Roman. I believe he chose you before you even knew about him! So thrilled for you all! XOXO

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