Home Alas

Ahhhhhh……..such a good feeling to be home at last! Freshly brewed coffee, hot showers, cozy beds, and kisses and hugs are abound here at La Casa de Murphy.

We started our very long trek home early Wednesday morning and 24 hours later, with maybe a few hours of sleep under our belts, we finally made it to NWA. Roman did pretty well given the intense and stressful circumstances that come with the long lines, large crowds, and lengthy flights of traveling abroad. When we got to the airport, we were welcomed by a wonderful group of friends and family. So many of you have poured your time, love, and energy into us throughout this process. We feel so loved and are thankful to be surrounded by such selfless and thoughtful people. We also came home to an immaculate house, fully stocked refrigerator and cabinets, and welcome home and happy birthday signs drawn by Crawford and other sweet little family members. My mother-in-law created a beautiful Album full of all our blogposts to commemorate Roman’s adoption. This, of course, brought me to tears.


Once we got home that Wednesday night and tucked both boys in bed for the first time, Roman had a smile on his face as he laid his head on his pillow. It was a smile of “I have finally arrived.” That next morning we shared our first meal together as a family, and the boys played until it was time for Crawford to go to school. Roman seems to have already made a huge transformation since we’ve been home. He’s enjoying all the new words to everything and is talking more than ever before. Some of his new words and phrases are banana (full word), on/off, up/down, open, all gone, help me, hold me, love you, up please, and all done. He’s starting to use a few three-word phrases too! He is becoming less interested in cords and light switches and more interested in interacting with us and playing with toys. He’s loving being outside and playing in the grass and picking the flowers. Bath time is definitely a new favorite – there is no holding that boy back when the bath water comes on.

So, for some reason I’m struggling to keep a clean house. Not sure why that is….hmmmmm? I think I can live with this, it means life exists within these walls, BUT life does not stop here! Can’t wait to post about our first, outdoors camping excursion – hehe!

Here’s a little glimpse into life at our house since our return.

The world of boy! haha!



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