Kale Pesto Pizza

I remember making this scrumptious pizza last year around this time, and my husband and son both loved it. Again, another great way to introduce kale to those who would otherwise steer clear. I got the recipe from this blog. I made my own pizza dough using a different recipe and you could obviously cut your cooking time by using pre-made dough. I am crazy and cheap and still haven’t broken down to buy a food processor, but using one of these would have also helped me out in decreasing prep time. However, you can still make your pesto with a blender or food chopper, although a little grueling after repeated trials.  I would just recommend putting some of the ingredients such as the nuts and garlic in separately to ensure even chopping if you don’t have a processor. To sum it up, you might want to have a little more time on your hands for this one, but it’s so worth it especially if you’re into culinary therapy and want to try a new and flavorful topping on your pizza! Just about any green will do when making pesto, so get adventurous and try out kale in your pesto next time. 🙂



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