A Meal for a Little Ukrainian Soul: Borsch/борщ

Today, surprisingly marks 3 months since we brought our sweet, little boy home from Ukraine. It seems like an eternity ago. Roman is all things wonderful and, most certainly, all things boy.  He loves the outdoors and has an energy that is irreplaceable (in multiple ways – haha!) – although I’m bound and determined to keep up with him despite my ratchety knees. Even when we’ve spent the afternoon saying, “quiet hands, Roman,” he has a way of immediately melting your heart with his sweet disposition. Little Roman is assimilating nicely into a world of Friday night pizza, frequent outings to Three Crazy Berries (of which we affectionately tease our oldest by calling it Three Lazy Harries) for frozen yogurt, and trips to see both the Murphy and Welch sides of the Family.

While I want to create new and beautiful memories here at home, I also want to preserve important pieces of his Ukrainian culture that might have brought him comfort. He loved borsch while in Ukraine, and last week was the first time he’s had it since we’ve been home. Borsch is a Ukrainian soup that’s main ingredient is beetroot.  I was excited to finally make this for him now that beets have become readily available here locally. When I sat that bowl down in front of him, it was like the rekindling of an old flame. There was a lot of slurping goin’ on and “mmmm, mama, good soup.”  It was soooooo precious to watch that red-colored soup drip-drop all over his cute, little face! He was one happy boy!

Not being a native Ukrainian, I obviously don’t have the recipe memorized by heart. So, I searched and searched for the recipe that seemed to most closely resemble those I tried while over there. I found this recipe on Allrecipes.com. I did, however, use veggie grounds in place of the pork sausage. It turned out to be pretty accurate.  I’m sure there are several slight variations as during my long stay, I had tried a few vegetarian variations as well as some with fish. Most everything in this dish was able to be sourced locally!! The bowl below is topped with a hefty serving of dill – a staple ingredient in Ukraine. Dill is a must!! So, get you a little taste of Ukraine  and try out some Borsch! It’s great for a lazy, Harry….I mean a lazy, rainy day.



One thought on “A Meal for a Little Ukrainian Soul: Borsch/борщ

  1. I can’t believe it has been three months! Such a sweet boy!
    I had borsch the first night out in Ukraine! I can’t wait to try the recipe you posted!

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