Instant Jam: The Horrifying Gateway to Canning

Please, please, to those of you who are deeply considering the thought of making instant jam, I beg of you to proceed with the utmost caution as this could potentially lead to a far more serious addiction such as canning. I know my admission comes with the price of public humiliation, but my hope is that it may benefit others who might unknowingly be predisposed to a canning addiction. It all started a few weeks ago when I bought these vibrantly colorful and deliciously juicy strawberries from Dickey Farms at the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market. We had run out of our local Paw, Paw’s Jelly one Saturday morning, and in effort to allay the effects of a severe jelly withdrawal, I took the remaining half pint of strawberries that were in the fridge to make my very first batch of instant jam. One fix of this delicious, homemade instant jam was all it took before I became a full-fledged, instant jamming addict. Now,  instant jamming just strawberries isn’t enough as I can’t seem to stop obsessing about different ways I can fill those cute 8oz. jars with sweet, summery goodness. The uncertainty of my future is frightening as I continue to seek harder, more complicated kitchen activities such as making non-instant jam, and sadly, as humiliating as it may be to admit, extreme CANNING.

Here’s how it all happened. All I needed were fresh strawberries (or other fruit), sugar, and pectin.


I combined the strawberries, sugar, and pectin using the recipe on the back of this package (I later returned to the store for purchasing of a large bottle).


I Stirred for the recommended few minutes and let it set in the jars.


Then, it’s ready to be either eaten or put in the fridge or freezer!


See how this can easily turn into an addiction? I’m now trying to use any and every excuse to eat jam!


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