I launched Seasonal Surroundings with the short-term goal of sharing our adoption story with family and friends, but in effort to preserve my children’s privacy, I had plans to turn it into a blog about another very important topic, FOOD!

Since the birth of my first son and having family histories of heart disease, food allergies, and other chronic illnesses, my husband and I decided to just simply try something different.  What started as a casual transition to this “something different” (i.e., a vegetarian based diet) led us down a 6-year journey of pescetarianism, albeit water critters are a special occasion meal. It wasn’t about joining forces against all meat eaters (meat is numma num) or removing meat for moral reasons such as animal cruelty (although sad), we just felt the path we were taking was not one that would end well for us. Whether you agree with the removal of meat from the diet or not, it has driven us to better understand food. It helped us glean a better appreciation for food preparation, food quality, and most importantly to us, its source. It forced us to stop eating fast food, and it feels good to declare that we haven’t “eaten” (I admit we have partaken in use of the facilities a time or two) at many of the popular Fast Food chains in over 4 years. We discovered the real sustainability issues related to food’s mass production/consumption and the consequences of GMO’s.  We realized that there’s a whole community out there that cares about the future of our children. A community that encompasses people of all ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds that wants to leave behind a healthy place for the next generation.  Through this change in lifestyle, I also had to learn how to slow down, plan ahead, and ultimately learn how to actually cook. I wasn’t the greatest and am still learning each day. We also discovered that by cutting out even a little meat, we saved money. We saved even more by going local. Later, a romantic trip to Italy pushed us further into foodism and opened our eyes to a country where there is no such thing as “local” food, it just IS local. Each region takes pride in it’s flavor, and that is where I began to see how food is not just food. It’s culture; it’s family; it’s friends; it’s our health; and it’s our community.

So, here we are after an adoption discussing food. It’s another passion of mine, so I wanna share it ! My hope is to document the use of local, seasonal foods in everyday cooking for a family of four. This has interested me for quite some time, especially the particulars of time management in the kitchen and food affordability. This makes me laugh out loud at myself because I’m a person of right-brain dominance who struggles to stay on task and can be a disorganized disaster in the kitchen if I don’t plan ahead. However, I want to show that even I can do it!! I want to be authentic and not just show you all my moments of glory in the kitchen, haha! Hope I can live up to that statement, could be quite embarrassing. I also want to share my experiences as a novice gardener, ventures to Farmers’ Markets,  busy-mother friendly recipes, trips to local restaurants, and maybe even accounts of experiences at local farms in the area. My primary goal is to try to cook with what’s in season around these parts, hence, my blog’s name Seasonal Surroundings!! Although my switch in topic was abrupt, it is my hope that you will continue this journey with me anyway!! Maybe we can all learn something new together!!


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